Agincourt Bakery Ltd and Italian Kitchen

Agincourt Bakery Ltd and Italian Kitchen

Finding that one, perfect place where you know you can always count on the food to be exactly what you need is really difficult. Sure, there are lots of places that are just ok and they have average food but if you’re looking for the perfect place that will have exactly what you need and it will be delicious every time then look no further than Agincourt Bakery and Italian Kitchen. This is a local place that has a truly homemade feel to all of its food. Here’s what you need to try on their menu when you visit 3059 Pharmacy Avenue in Scarborough. 


Italian Pastries

While they don’t bake absolutely all of their pastries in house, you’ll be greeted by large cases full of almost endless options. They do have the word bakery in their name so it only makes sense they have some jaw-dropping pastries available to you. These sweets will be a welcome addition to all of the other goodies you can get here.

The Hot Table

If you take a sharp 90 degree turn when you first walk in you’ll be facing the hot table, which includes everything you could ever need to make the perfect Italian sandwich. It also has stuffed peppers and pastas if you aren’t feeling the Italian sandwich.

The Legendary Food

This establishment is, arguably, best known for its veal cutlet sandwich, which you can get for only $6. The cutlets are tenderized, then lightly breaded and fried to trap the flavour of the meat. All of the preparation for this sandwich is done in house, too, so you know it’s fresh and made to order. You can add different types of cheese, mushrooms, sautéed or hot peppers to your sandwich if you’d like, too. You can also get the meatball sandwich, for only $7, full of massive, juicy veal meatballs and smothered in their house-made tomato sauce. All of their sandwiches are made on their special house made bread, which was specially made to be able to absorb the extra sauce so the sandwich stays perfect as you eat it.

Other Amazing Food

If you aren’t feeling like a sandwich, that’s completely fine since they have so many other options here for you to pick from. They have a full salad bar that doesn’t just include leafy options, and you can choose from salads like coleslaw, potato salad or even fruit salad. For your main entrée, their lasagna is huge and delicious and could easily serve two people – or just one very hungry person.

Something Sweet

If you have enough room after all that food, they have a variety of options for some delicious desserts. One of their best dessert sellers are their cannoli – which are as oversized as their meatballs are. Their cannoli shells are dipped in chocolate and then topped with crushed nuts for a unique taste on a traditional dessert. Almost everything here is made fresh daily, using whole and simple ingredients so you can feel food knowing everything you’re eating from here comes from real food. If you can’t wait to get home and eat your delicious food, there’s a small eating area in the back of the store that you can sit and enjoy your meal. This is definitely a spot you’ll need to check out in Scarborough.

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