Rosetta McClain Gardens

Rosetta McClain Gardens

Exploring the hidden gems of your own city can make days close to home very exciting in ways you never expected. The Rosetta McClain Gardens are located deep in a very large city, but it offers peace and tranquility that will almost make you forget where you are. It’s close to home so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much time travelling to get here, and you can enjoy as much or as little time as you like here. The gardens are located at 5 Glen Everest Road in Scarborough so the area is accessible either by driving or public transit. If you still aren’t sure that there is something here for you, here’s a little more information about what you can expect when visiting the Rosetta McClain Gardens. 


A Great View

One of the best things about these gardens is that they are part of a larger natural setting within the city of Scarborough. From the top of the Scarborough Bluffs, this area has an absolutely fantastic view of Lake Ontario. You can wander through and enjoy the beautiful scenery, stopping to take in the view and spend some time just enjoying nature.

A Local History

This park was once part of land that belonged to Thomas McDonald West. Before he and his wife passed away, they divided all of their land between their four children. The area that these gardens occupy belonged to Rosetta, one of their children. Rosetta and her husband, Robert Watson McClain, put forth the effort to make this park as beautiful as it is today with landscaping and greenery. Though Rosetta died in 1940, the park was donated to the City of Toronto in 1959 in her memory.

A Few Local Events

Today the park is really popular for weddings and as a background for professional photographers. The gardens, water fountains and ivy-covered trellises make for an incredible and visually charming setting. The area is incredibly well maintained so the flowers and greenery are always perfect looking. Even if you aren’t a professional photographer you will enjoy the visual appeal this park has to offer.

A Quiet Day Away

If you aren’t celebrating a huge event like a wedding that doesn’t mean you can’t just spend a day here. You can pack a picnic, bring a book and a blanket and just take it all in. If you’re looking to simply escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, this is the perfect area to use as your getaway zone. It’s tranquility will give you the relaxing day you need to come back to the city refreshed. No matter if you regularly spend time exploring nature, or you naturally prefer the concrete jungle the Rosetta McClain Gardens are a quiet, tranquil place that everyone can spend some time enjoying. Spend an hour, or a whole day here: either way you’ll leave feeling refreshed and you might even forget where you are for a minute. Leave the city, without leaving the city with a visit to these gardens.

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