​Emergency Roofer in Scarborough, ON

Roofing emergencies happen when you least expect it and it can be quite an inconvenience. We understand how stressful a roofing problem can be, especially in inclement weather. That is why Roofers Scarborough offers reliable 24-hour emergency roofing repair across Greater Toronto. We service homes and businesses in Scarborough, Ajax, Aurora, Etobicoke, Newmarket, North York, Markham, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Thornhill and Vaughan.


When you are faced with a fallen gutter, a leaky roof and other roofing damage, you want a fast-response roofing contractor in Scarborough on your side. We will respond to your call 24/7, and be there to provide you with immediate roofing solutions when it matters. Our Scarborough roofing specialists are available to perform emergency roofing repairs and patch up your roof to prevent further leaks and weather damage.

Affordable Emergency Roofing Repair

With Roofers Scarborough you do not have to worry about being overcharged. We always give fair prices to our clients, whether it is an emergency or scheduled repair. We are always prepared to deliver quality roofing solutions outside of the normal business hours, easing your concerns at reasonable rates. With us as your local Toronto Roofer, you can be sure to get quality service at a reasonable price you can afford. We will even be happy to work with your home insurance company to see if your repair is covered. For more information about our emergency roofing repair and other services, call us at 647-952-1918 or leave us a message on this page.

Emergency Roofing Solutions

Roofers Scarborough offers emergency roofing response day or night, all year round. Our roofing repair crew have years of experience in the roofing industry and are continuously trained to handle every type of roofing repairs including leaks, flashing/gutter damage, vent repairs and more. Once our team arrives at your property, our roofing specialist will inspect your roof, locate the damage, diagnose the problem and provide recommended solutions that can be done immediately or at your earliest convenience.

We offer emergency solutions that can provide protection from leaks, water damage and harsh weather while preventing further damage. Our crew can provide a temporary roofing solution for damages sustained from severe wind, hail or ice, fallen tree limbs and sometimes even damages from stray animals. We often use a wet patch, a leak stop and in worse cases, high-grade strapped tarping to protect the roof and interior structure. This allows property owners time to weigh their options whether to repair or replace the affected roof area.

A Friendly Reminder from Your Local Scarborough Roofing

Keep in mind that temporary roofing solution is just that, it is meant to be temporary lasting for only 6 months up to a year at best. This will buy you additional time to wait for better weather conditions for a more permanent repair as well as consider the right permanent repair or roof replacement strategy for your home. Roofers Scarborough repair crews are always professional, courteous and adhere to all government safety standards. Unlike many competitors, we will not pressure you to a full roofing repair or renovation, instead we will give you the option for a temporary repair so you can have time to decide on the best course of action for your property. For information on our emergency roofing repair leave us a message on this page or call our hotline at 647-952-1918.

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