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Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements and it is important that it is well-maintained and built to last. At Roofers Scarborough we specialize in a variety of roofing designs, installations and repair for all roofing types, including metal roofing. We stand by our work and provide guaranteed warranties for all our metal roofing installations and repairs.

Roofers Scarborough proudly serves residential and commercial clients across Greater Toronto including Aurora, Etobicoke, Markham, Toronto, Thornhill, Newmarket, Ajax, Vaughan, North York¸ Markham, Richmond Hill, Pickering and Vaughan. It is our goal to provide all our clients with efficient, dependable and high quality metal roofing services at reasonably fair prices.


Why Choose Metal Roofing in Toronto?

Metal roofing is fast becoming a popular choice among property owners, real estate developers and building contractors and for good reason. A properly installed metal roofing is probably one of the most enduring roofing system, lasting 70 years given proper care and maintenance. Metal roofing can come in different materials, the most popular being galvanized steel, aluminum and copper. Metal tile products and standing seams are widely available and ideal for various roofing designs from low slope to steep, gabled roofs.
Here are some more advantages of metal roofing:

Strong and Durable -

Metal roofing is often made of a combination of various metals and alloys including galvanized, stone-coated and stainless steel. A good quality metal roof can sustain a number of impact damage and corrosion. Metal roofing is suitable for Canadian weather and favored by Toronto roofers. It can withstand heavy snow, strong winds, inclement weather and even dissipate lighting strikes.

Energy Efficient –

Pre-painted and granular coated metal roofing products are very energy efficient. Depending on the color and finish, metal roofing can reflect solar heat making your home cooler and more comfortable. It can reduce cooling costs up to 40% in the summer as well as reduce outside air temperature by 12 ° F. This means more energy savings, less carbon footprint and reduced air pollution.

Eco-friendly –

Metal roofing is a green roofing choice. It is made up of 25-90% recycled materials and can be wholly recycled long after it has been used as a roof. Because it is lightweight, metal roofing can be directly installed on to existing asphalt roofing by a qualified Scarborough roofing contractor.

Fire-retardant –

Metal roofing is naturally non-flammable and fire retardant.

Reliable Scarborough Roofer

Ultimately the successful performance and longevity of a metal roof depends on proper installation and high quality materials. If both are sub-standard then the roof will also be sub-standard. At Roofers Scarborough, we make sure to use only the highest quality roofing products sourced from reputable, time-tested manufacturers. It is our continuous commitment to provide excellent roofing service that is carefully crafted and built to last for generations to come. For a free quote or more information about our roofing services, call us at 647-952-1918 or simply send us a message!

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