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Roofing ventilation is often underappreciated and not given enough attention when it comes to designing and choosing the best roofing system. While it might be easy to overlook, roof vents actually play an integral part in the functionality and longevity of your roof, whether you own a residential or commercial property.
If you have a sloping roof, you need a roof vent to allow outside air to enter and properly exit your attic, promoting a balanced circulation that is very healthy for your home.

​Roofers Scarborough are highly experienced and skilled in roof vent service and repair. If you are looking for a qualified roofing contractor in Scarborough, we are the ones to call. As a top Toronto roofer, we service all neighborhoods in Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Vaughan, North York, Thornhill, Etobicoke, Markham and of course, Toronto. 


Why is a roof vent important? ​

When done right, a roof vent works to preserve healthy indoor air and moisture balance in all types of climate, whether it is hot, cold or both. During hot summer months, heat can build up inside your attic causing wood and other roofing materials to age and crack prematurely. Hot air can also creep into living spaces, creating an uncomfortable home and increase cooling costs. A properly functioning roof vent will expel hot air from the roof or attic, promoting a cooler indoor environment and better air circulation. This in turn reduces energy consumption. 

During winter months, it is the job of the roof vent to maintain a cold roof temperature that keep snow from melting and turning into an ice dam that can have potentially damaging effects on the roofing system. Warm air from heating, laundry and cooking also have a tendency to linger in the house and cause a moisture build up in the attic. When moisture gets trapped indoors it can cause mold, mildew, peeling paint, warping, rotting, drywall damage and more. This can affect not just your roofing structure and insulation but your entire home or commercial building. A well-maintained, functional roof vent allows outside air to naturally flow up and out, promoting a drier, cooler and healthier attic and roofing system that benefits the entire structure.

Roof Vent Problems

Roof vents while necessary can also have a number of problems, most common of which is a leak. When installed incorrectly, a roof vent can take in moisture from the outside and cause leakage instead of expelling excess moisture out. A busted roof vent can definitely compromise indoor air quality, promote allergens and cause structural problems when left unattended.

Toronto Roof Vent Specialist

If you suspect that there is a problem with your roof vent, it is important to be proactive and consult your Toronto Roof vent specialist. Our roofing experts can diagnose any damage and recommend efficient roofing solutions for your property. For all your Scarborough roofing needs and inquiries, you may call us at 647-952-1918 or simply leave a message on this page to get a FREE estimate!

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